We Have a History

A group of residents gathered together during the late 1970's advocating for their love ones with mental illness.  Today this organization should thank those whose humble beginning laid the groundwork for what is now considereed the nation's leading voice on mental illness. 

Here are a few "HEAVY HITTERS" - NAMI Gloucester County pays tribute

An Advocate

Harriet Lawson 

Harriet was a great person. She served on the board for many years as well as the county Mental Health Board, actively advocated for people with mental illnesses, and was the person who arranged my first speaking engagement that was really the beginning of the NAMI NJ Law Enforcement Education Program. She was on the board at the sheltered workshop in Deptford and asked that I speak with the staff at the workshop in September 2019. 

A Pioneer

Lucille Nelson

Lucille and her late husband founded Friends of the Mentally Ill, which eventually became NAMI GC. They were both dedicated to people with mental illness and their families. 

Social Expert 

Rachel Parsio

Rachel Parsio is no stranger to hard work and commitment. For 10 years, she helped to grow our chapter. She attracted members by her stylish venues of dances, picnics and flea markets. She was instrumental in getting funding for a group home which today houses 3 individuals. Rachel is currently employed as a senior Advocate for DRNJ. Thank you Rachel for your incredible service to our chapter!

A Powerhouse

Elaine Goodman

Those of you who know Elaine Goodman will agree she works on all levels to make positive changes in mental health throughout the STATE. For starters, she founded the NAMI NJ Law enforcement education program in 1999, designed "do & don't" wallet card for police officers, and compiled and edited two books published by NAMI NJ is only a few of her many accomplishments.

Long-Term Volunteer

Domenica Grant

Domenica was a strong, witty and dedicated lady. She served for many years as a support-group faciliatator and sat on the Advisory Board for NewPoint Behavioral Health IFFS (Intensive Family Support Services). Domenica we all have a heartfelt thank you to the years you served.


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